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Ancient Egypt And The Grand Egyptian Museum Essay

Cultures and civilizations around the world seem to share in the Adore of playing games. Some of the this games in ancient Egypt were designed just for The Youngest people, but other games could be played by people from other ages, Archeologists have discovered many games that were played in ancient Egypt but in a lot of cases they never found any rules for the that games, so they are unsure how they were played it, There is no doubts that throughout the 7,000 years of ancient Egypt, playing games was a big importance of their lives. The Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo has indicated that the oldest game from ancient Egypt was called â€Å"Senet†. It is a board game that was played by many of the members of the royal families, including Tutankhamen and Ramses’ family. The way which the game was played is that each player rolled dice and, using sticks would try to move the board pieces around and eventually off the board, at the same time keeping the other person playing from achievement the same thing. There is a copy of this game at the British Museum in London with a sign that states it was first played from 3100 B.C.- to 5500 B.C., which was the Predynastic period (before the times of the pharaohs). Many of the games which played in modern Egypt were also played in ancient ages. The hieroglyphic images and art on the walls of tombs and temples show the ancient Egyptians playing handball, hockey, archery, boxing, ridding (horse) sports, tug of war and marathon running. The gamesShow MoreRelatedThe Museum Of Fine Arts751 Words   |  4 PagesDear to whom it may concern in Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) Boston I am writing to you to express my interest in the job opportunity â€Å"Terrace Research Associate in Egyptian Art† in the Department of Art of the Ancient World, one of open staff positions in Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) Boston next Summer. As an applicant for the job opportunity in Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) Boston, I would be interested in the division, the Arts of Ancient Egypt collections I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Egyptology fromRead MoreDesign And Innovation : The Sphinx Of Taharqo1171 Words   |  5 PagesSPHINX OF TAHARQO INTRODUCTION: Since its establishment, the British Museum has been an iconic symbol of human culture, art, and history. It was built around 263 years ago and has served as the storehouse for many iconic discoveries over the centuries (Caleca, 1979). With a collection of almost 8 million artifacts and historical objects, it s hard to choose one. Each object has its own value in the museum and reflects the ancient times (Caleca, 1979). In this paper, we will be discussing the artifactRead MoreErnesto Schiaparelli : A Professor Of Ancient History1192 Words   |  5 PagesOcchieppo Inferiore, Italy. His father, Louis was a professor of ancient history at the University of Turin thus resulting Schiaparelli to have a close connection to history at a young age. Schiaparelli started his studies with Francesco Rossi at the University of Turin however, continued to study them in Paris in the years of 1877 and 1880 with Gaston Maspero, a French Egyptologist. Background: Ernesto’s father was a professor of ancient history at the University of Turin, his cousin was the eminentRead MoreErnesto Schiaparelli : A Professor Of Ancient History1192 Words   |  5 PagesOcchieppo Inferiore, Italy. His father, Louis was a professor of ancient history at the University of Turin thus resulting Schiaparelli to have a close connection to history at a young age. Schiaparelli started his studies with Francesco Rossi at the University of Turin however, continued to study them in Paris in the years of 1877 and 1880 with Gaston Maspero, a French Egyptologist. Background: Ernesto’s father was a professor of ancient history at the University of Turin, his cousin was the eminentRead MoreAncient Egypt and Mondern Society981 Words   |  4 Pageslives was that of Ancient Egypt. Their systems of religion and technological innovation helped not only to leave a permanent impression on the world, but also served to mold both the civilizations that directly followed it as well as society today. The Ancient Egyptian civilization spanned several thousand years and is one of the few societies of the time that came into being independently. â€Å"Egyptian civilization coalesced around 3150 B.C. with the unification of upper and lower Egypt under the firstRead MoreThe Life Of Michael C. Carlos Museum1373 Words   |  6 Pages On September 2nd I took a trip to the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory in Atlanta. The museum included many art exhibits from ancient cultures around the world. Including pieces from South America, Greece, and Egypt with larger exhibits as well as African and Asian cultures with smaller exhibits. In the South American exhibits the Mayans, Aztecs, and Incans were represented by their pottery. Many of the pieces had a dual purpose; one of practicality as a bowl, pot, or plate and a second as a pieceRead MoreThe Reign Of Ancient Egyptian Art Essay1689 Words   |  7 PagesAncient Egyptian art is amongst the most well known, with long lasting styles in history. Thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptians created magnificent havens for the divine beings they revered and monumental pyramids for the remains of their rulers. The Egyptians considered their ruler to to be both mortal and divine with great spiritual power. Out of all the works commissioned over three centuries of Egyptian rule, may of them were dedicated to their kings, to honor their lives in the formsRead MoreEgypts Greatest Art1676 Words   |  7 Pagescountry. It was not until the rise of the great Theban king Mentuhotp II that there is a reunification of the war-torn Egypt. The first king, Amenemhat I, name a n ew capital, Itj-tawy, founded south of the historic city of Memphis. Amenemhat I’s decision was in part due to the realization that he could not simply rule all of Egypt from the south; as a result, the Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt was comprised of seven kings from Thebes, with arguably the most powerful and famous of them all being King SenwosretRead MoreThe Impact Of Technology On Ancient Egypt1177 Words   |  5 PagesTechnology in Ancient Egypt When one thinks of Egypt, the first thing that comes to mind are the pyramids. The pyramids are the most recognized art form in history because of its uniqueness and aesthetics. This may be because for an ancient civilization, Egypt was astounding in regards of technology. They did not just build one model of their ideal pyramid, instead they created many over and over again, to establish a perfect resting place for their ruler and the ruler’s family. This verifies thatRead MoreSimilarities Between Art And Egyptian Art1287 Words   |  6 PagesAs one of the most influential culture during its time, it is no surprise to many to see some similarities between Egyptian art and culture, and other cultures that developed during a younger time period. Specifically Ancient Greece because it is known to share some similarities with Egyptian culture and art, such as a similar belief in polytheism, and a similarity in the meaning and purpose of their art. However, when comparing any tw o works of art from different cultures it is obviously that we

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The Prevention of Teen Pregnancy - 1638 Words

Topic: Prevention of Teen Pregnancy Specific Purpose: To persuade others to help prevent teen pregnancy. Thesis Statement: Teen pregnancy is one of the most difficult experiences a young woman passes through. The stress of pregnancy, revealing of the pregnancy to parents, and moving on despite the shame and worry can be terrifying. Some may say they did not use protection because they werent planning to have sex. These kinds of life altering choices must be considered in advance in order to prevent teen pregnancy. Introduction Attention Material: Has anyone seen, or heard of the Reality television show â€Å"The Baby Borrowers?† Well, if not, this show follows five couples in their late-teens, of various social and ethnic backgrounds, who†¦show more content†¦b) (Expert testimony): Dr. Douglas Kirby PhD, Field-tested and research-based materials about whether violence in the lives of pregnant and parenting teens was the cause of the matter, and he discovered, â€Å"as many as 60% of teen mothers have been abused as children, the average age when they were sexually abused was nine years old, and half of their abusers were family members. 2. (Who is affected): The teenagers, family members, friends, and even our communities are affected by teen pregnancies. A dependency soon develops for agencies and social services to financially bail out the teens unprepared for child bearing, and also, some â€Å"Grandmas† are often times considered to be the child’s mother once the child has learned to walk and talk. This usually stems from a young absent mother leaving her child to be cared for by her parent(s). a) Facts/Statistics: According to a report, issued by the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics, In the United States, one of every ten births involves a teen mother, and almost one-sixth of all U.S. births are to teenage women. Also, pregnant teens are less likely to attend college than teens who do not become pregnant. b)Show MoreRelatedTEEN PREGNANCY PREVENTION Essay1918 Words   |  8 PagesTeen pregnancy has become an epidemic in the United States alone. The United States has the highest rate of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the industrialized world. Each year, one out of three teenage girls becomes pregnant. Although teen pregnancy rates have dropped from 61.8 births per 1,000 in 1991 to 41.7 births per 1,000 in 2003, pregnancy rates in the U.S. still are declining at slower rates than those in other developed nations (Block et al., 2005. para,Read MoreEssay Teen Pregnancy Prevention2313 Words   |  10 Pages The rise of the teen pregnancy rate has caused us to question the effectiveness of the prevention programs that are offered to adolescents. There have been several programs focused on preventing teen pregnancy from abstinence-only to more comprehensive sexual education programs. Abstinent-only advocates believe that abstaining from having intercourse is the only way to prevent unwanted teen pregnancy. While practicing abstinence is the only 100% secure method of reducing this rateRead MoreEssay about Teen Pregnancy Prevention 1164 Words   |  5 PagesMany methods can be used to prevent teenage pregnancy and can decrease the birthrate significantly. Doctors and parents play a key role in teen pregnancy preventions. Since teen birthrates are rising, teens have to have access to preventions in order for it to be effective. With having permission from a guardian to engage in preventions, children can prevent themselves from becoming a parent at such a young age. Parents should properly inform their child on the subject of sex and communicate withRead MoreAssessment of Teen Pregnancy Prevention Interventions648 Words   |  3 PagesAssessment of Teen Pregnancy Prevention Interventions How is the literature review used in this research study? Using one (1) previous study cited by the authors, discuss how the findings of this past study is relevant to the current study. (2 pts) The literature review in this study was used to demonstrate the problem and occurrence of adolescent pregnancy and birth rates in the United States. Furthermore, the concern about this phenomenon as it pertains to Florida is addressed. A correlationRead MoreTeen Pregnancy Problems and Prevention Strategies2068 Words   |  8 Pagesï » ¿Teen Pregnancy problems and prevention strategies While many people are inclined to express indifference regarding this concept, teen pregnancy is one of the most controversial topics in the contemporary society. This experience can be devastating for some individuals, as the fact that they are raw makes it difficult for them to effectively deal with the problem. Society becomes more stressing and most teens who become pregnant come to express feelings related to shame and fear. The fact that theseRead MoreTeenage Pregnancy : A High Risk, The Effects, And The Prevention Of Teen Pregnancy1242 Words   |  5 PagesTeenage pregnancy is a huge problem in the United States, but the rates are not at an all-time high. The pregnancy rates of teens have actually gone down in the past few years, but it still is a big problem here in the United States. The United States has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy, Russia has the second highest. Teenage pregnancy is a social and economic problem; it is not good for our country. This essay, will discuss who is at a high risk, the effects, and the prevention of teen pregnancyRead MoreTeen Pregnancy Prevention : One Of The Most Controversial Subjects875 Words   |  4 PagesPreventing Teen Pregnancy Teen pregnancy prevention is one of the most controversial subjects in today’s society. Many will argue that peer pressure and the area you live in are contributing factors to most adolescent pregnancies. No matter what geographic location you reside in, the problem is usually in the home, in the school system, and the cost of contraception and the barriers in obtaining it. The biggest predicament regarding the issue of adolescent pregnancy is the question of prevention. PreventingRead MoreEssay on The PPACA: Obesity and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs1106 Words   |  5 Pages2009, p.1314). In fact, more than 60% of teens who give birth before the age of 18 will drop out of high school, putting them at a greater risk of being impoverished later in life (Harris Allgood, 2009, p.1314). Additionally, the children of adolescent mothers are more likely to have complicated deliveries that can lead to chronic medical and developmental problems (Harris Allgood, 2009, p.1315). With higher rates of poverty as well as increased pregnancy complications, many teenage mothers mayRead MoreEvaluation Of Sex Education School On Teen Pregnancy Prevention3109 Words   |  13 Pages Research Proposal Evaluation of Sex Education in School on Teen Pregnancy Prevention Megan R. Fitzgerald PSY 290 – Research Methods Gayle Schwark, Ph.D. Arizona State University November 27, 2014 Abstract This study is proposed in order to evaluate the various types of school-based sex education programs and the effect that these specific programs have on teen pregnancy rates. The type of approaches for school-based sex education programs offered to the teenage participants will beRead MoreTeen Pregnancy and High School Drop Out Prevention3722 Words   |  15 PagesTeenage pregnancy is affecting the graduation rate in high schools. All over the nation the dropout rate of students is increasing, of which teen pregnancy is often a factor. â€Å"Approximately 1,000 high school students will drop out with each hour that passes in a school day in America. This means that 30 percent of the class of 2007, or 1.2 million students, were estimated to have dropped out last year† (National Womens Law Center, 2007). Many factors combine to affect a pregnant or parenting teen’s

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My Observation During The Internship Period - 1341 Words

In my observation during the internship period, I do not think that the regulatory system is effective enough to maintain its quality and five-star rating at CMS’s nursing home compare. Although the facility needs to operate under internal and external regulatory system. On the internal regulatory mechanism, it has been discussed more or less in the governance section. Quarterly visits are conducted by the corporate corporate office to assess the quality of service and even by the owner herself. The corporate office does follow up on the budget reports and organizes internal audit. Externally, the organization is under the supervision of State Health Department; hence, it follows the provisions for Medicare and Medicare under Federal and†¦show more content†¦9) Person Centeredness How person-centered is this organization? Are there components that are more or less person-centered? How is person-centeredness facilitated? What are the barriers? The best thing about LNC is trying to retain current residents with the best possible care. Even the nursing center has not achieved a five star rating on the CMS’s nursing home compare measures, it has obtained 5 star rating on quality assurance. The facility has been trying to provide personalized options for certain services; alternative menu for food, hair care options and limited choices for activities. However, the mealtime (Meal thrice a day; breakfast at 8, lunch at 12 and dinner at 5pm) and the routine cares are provided similarly as in any traditional nursing facility. Even during the activities, it is ensured that everyone is involved. If one cannot participate in the group activities, s/he involves one-on-one sessions. The activities calendar incorporates the preferences of each resident in a planned manner. I believe such personal attention increases the efficiency of the work done by the organization as the satisfaction of individual would rise greatly. As mentioned earlier, the staffing is low, which doesn’t allow the LNC to provide as much personal attention as it wants to. As a private center, it definitely cannot increase the staff number as it has to calculate the costShow MoreRelatedMy Time At Plateau Asset Management1223 Words   |  5 Pages Lessons Learned/ Anomalies: Although many analyst internship positions are individually focused, I found my time at Plateau Asset Management to be more team focused. Therefore, I learned many lessons regarding team work and communication. †¢ Speaking Fast: In the initial Friday group meetings I found myself never allowing the other analysts to digest the material that I was explain. Musa pointed this out to me half way through the internship and told me slow down and ask questions to make sure yourRead MoreData Management And The Library System1591 Words   |  7 PagesLibraries Iteration 1 Snowy Osahan Wilmington University Table of Contents Iteration 1: Orientation to Inspiration Space 3 Plan 3 Action 5 Observation 6 Reflection 7 References 9 Iteration 1: Orientation to Inspiration Space The orientation session will be conducted for the interns at Inspiration Space for a period of two days. During this phase, the interns will be introduced to the employees of Inspiration Space and the library that are associated with different departmentsRead MoreInternship Report On The Internship1702 Words   |  7 Pages FINAL INTERNSHIP REPORT September 4 2015 BUSN 615 Internship Course Period: July through September 2015 Drexel ID: 13820722 Varun Pillai FINAL REPORT FOR SUMMER INTERNSHIP WITH AUDIENCE PARTNERS Varun Pillai (267) 471-2511 E-mail: vrp36@drexel.edu Facility: Audience Partners 414 Commerce Drive, Suite 100 Fort Washington, PA 19034 Supervisor: Alex Gochtovtt Chief Analytics Officer Phone: +1-484-928-1010 Fax: +1-484-556-4161 Read MoreMy Career Path to Become a Licensed Physical Therapist1009 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction My career path to become a licensed physical therapist is two years in; and plenty more years left. I am using this writing assignment to better prepare myself for future decisions I must make regarding the Graduate Record Examination, applying to graduate school, internships and work experience, and possibly specialization. I am hoping to gain pertinent information pertaining to all aspects of my future decisions. In Part I of my paper I will be researching specific graduate schoolsRead MoreFair Oaks Case1411 Words   |  6 Pagesfemales. The leadership structure within Sunrise at Fair Oaks is more diverse and consists of seven people; four males and three females. One of the male leaders is African American and another is Asian. The Executive Director, whom I discussed some of my facility reflections with on Sunday, April 23, 2017, is a White forty-something male. Beyond the key leaders, the workforce at the local facility is very diverse. There are approximately 100 employee s. Minority employees comprise the majority ofRead MoreInvestigating The Data Of Information For The Business Purposes Essay946 Words   |  4 Pagescompany’s articles and journals etc. The simple steps of research methodology are given below: Identification of problem Research objectives Sources of data Data collection Sample, Sample size Data Interpretation Data Analysis Finding and observations Conclusion Recommendation RESEARCH DESIGN Research design is the overall plan that we choose to organize the data in a logical way, so that research problem can be find in the effective way. It is the master print of all over the research forRead MoreAnalysis Of Sittig Libs 6991 Internship Reflection1731 Words   |  7 PagesSittig LIBS 6991 Internship Reflection I began my MLS program two semesters before moving from a school-based technology facilitator into an elementary school media coordinator position. I served as a media coordinator for an elementary school three years before moving into the role of a district technology facilitator. In my current position, I work with a team of three other district technology facilitators. We each have a curriculum focus, mine is media. I work with media coordinators acrossRead MoreThe Perfect Coordination Between Theory And Practice Essay1217 Words   |  5 Pagesof theoretical intelligence. Bearing this is mind, after completing the required credit under the BBA program; students were placed by the Department in various organizations, research institutions as well as development projects as a part of the Internship Program requirement. The goal of this analysis is to expose the student in organizational work situation and also to provide an opportunity for applying classroom learning in practice. As an indispensable part of BBA program, I, Khondaker ShihabRead MoreThe Assistant Of Career Services1125 Words   |  5 PagesA. General Impression / Observation Shadowing is a wonderful way to experience the daily functions of a Student Affairs Administrator. For this assignment I chose to shadow an administrator in the Career Services Department. Ben Rohde, who is the Director of Career Services at Concordia University Wisconsin allowed me to gain a positive incite of the department. There was a lot to take away from this assignment. I learned how critical the Department of Career Services is not only to a college butRead MoreMy Personality Traits : Perseverance And Time Management1646 Words   |  7 Pagescollected data from two sources. 1. Self-reported data on time spent and perceived quality for identified recruitment activities 2. Feedback from two individuals who worked closely during the process The self-reported data pointed to the fact that reporting and tracking the data in itself caused a rise in quality of my recruitment activities. The feedback pointed to the fact I was perceived to be above average for both the traits. I realize that intervention effects are strong enough to change behaviors

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Edward Taylors “Christs Reply” free essay sample

Edward Taylors â€Å"Christs Reply† is a response to his previous writing â€Å" The Souls groan to Christ for Succour†. In â€Å" The Souls Groan to Christ for Succour†, Edward Taylor is speaking to God expressing his concern for his sins. Wondering if Gods Grace is truly enough to forgive him. Christs Reply is spoken from Christ to Edward, assuring him that his grace is enough. He helps ease Taylors mind by reassuring him that the devil is simply a tool used to help him draw closer to him, that his sins will never be to big to be covered by Grace, and that with God on his side he can do anything. Taylor starts off this piece by having Christ Say â€Å"Peace, Peace, My Honey, do not Cry, My Little Darling, wipe thine eye, Oh Cheer, Cheer up, come see. Is there anything too dear, my Dove, Is there anything too good, my Love,To get or give to thee?†. We will write a custom essay sample on Edward Taylors â€Å"Christs Reply† or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This expression of love shown to Taylor from Christ is a love and compassion much like a father would have to his son. Christ tries to make it clear that he loves Taylor and that he would do and/or give him anything, that nothing would be to good for him. Christ then begins with an analogy of a dog and his bark, in reference to the Devil. The Devils â€Å"barking† can be compared to his negative spin he puts on certain situations. However talk is all it is, when Christ says â€Å"Fear not, my Pritty Heart. His barking is to make thee Cling close underneath thy Saviours Wing†. Although the Devil may â€Å"bark†, Christ simply lets him in order for Taylor to draw closer to him to Christ, always keeping the Devil in check. As Christ Expresses his use of the Devils â€Å"barking†, he then conveys to Taylor that sin will never be to big that it cannot be covered by Grace. The Devils main weapon in his arsenal is the simple lie. A lie is best told when it has a great amount of truth, with just a little lie tacked on at the end. With the majority of it being truth, it makes it easier for man  to take it as face value. The one lie the Devil seems to get across to Taylor is that his Sin is far to big to be forgiven. However, Christ once again helps him see the error of his thoughts. Christ says â€Å"He seeks to aggrivate thy sin And screw them to the highest pin, to make thy faith to quaile.†. Christ expresses that the Devils plan is to point our Taylors sin and make it seem so big that not even God himself could find the power to forgive him. But Christ quickly comes back and dismisses that lie. That he â€Å"smote the sins upon the head† and that â€Å"my blood doth out the stain.†. All sin was washed by the blood of Jesus on the cross, and Taylor must not let the Devil consume his thoughts and trick him into thinking that he is to far gone to be forgiven. â€Å"Although thy sins increase their race, And though when thou hast sought for Grace, Thou fallst more than before, If thou by true Repentance Rise, And Faith makes Me Thy Sacrifice, I’ll pardon all, though more.† with this stanza, Christ seals the fact that no matter the sin, with true repentance and faith, all sin is forgive by the blood and by the Grace of God. â€Å"As for thy outward Postures each, Thy Gestures, Actions, and thy Speech, I Eye and Eying spare, If thou repent. My Grace is more Ten thousand times still trebled o’er Than thou canst want, or wear.† With God nothing is impossible is one of the most frequently said statements. However Taylor is sure to make it known that he believes that that is true. â€Å"Oh! fight My Field: no Colors fear: I’ll be thy Front, I’ll be thy rear. Fail not: My Battles fight. Defy the Tempter, And his Mock. Anchor thy heart on Me thy Rock. I do in thee Delight.† is the last stanze of Taylors â€Å"Christs reply†. This stanza seems to sum up this piece perfectly. Simply stating that if Taylor puts his trust in Christ that nothing can bring him down. No bark of the Devil, and no sin he may commit, Gods Grace is enough. By the end of Taylors piece, you can tell he is more and more reassured that Christ will always be on his side, and that no amount of â€Å"barking† by the Devil, nor amount of sin he may commit will keep him down because he knows God is on his side. â€Å"Christs reply† is a perfect response to Taylors â€Å" The Souls groan to Christ for Succour†. Everything he was worried about and or had doubts about were answered with the most positive and reassuring  message. The message that the devil is simply a tool used to help him draw closer to him, that his sins will never be to big to be covered by Grace, and that with God on his side he can do anything.

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Affirmative Aaction essays

Affirmative Aaction essays Affirmative Action was established to help overcome the affects of past societal discrimination by granting jobs and resources to members of specific groups, such as minorities and women. The policy was implemented by federal agencies enforcing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. While many people believe it is a step in the right direction in stopping employment discrimination, it is taking jobs from qualified persons because they are not of a certain race or gender, in turn doing the same thing that was done to minorities and women for years. Affirmative action must be stopped in order to protect the rights of all citizens. It requires discrimination against a different group, strips merit and gives preferential treatment to those who benefit from it. Affirmative action is reverse discrimination. Affirmative action requires discrimination against a different group. It simply reverses the discrimination against minorities by enforcing discrimination on whites. This policy enables two people who apply for a job in an office building for the same position to be judged differently. One applicant is white and the other is black. The two applicants have the same exact education and work experience but, according to affirmative action, the black person is better qualified because the company needs to diversify their workplace. So, the only reason why the white person did not receive the job was because of his skin color. Eastland says that distinctions drawn on the basis of race inevitably lead to racial discrimination. As is well noted in this example, Affirmative action demands racial discrimination: discrimination against whites. Whites are being discriminated against in the same ways that blacks were discriminated against years ago. The consequences of Affirmative action can hinder the growth of those who the policy was intended to help as well. The very existence of the program strips blacks and other minorities of merit. B...

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ceramics essays

ceramics essays Richard Fairbanks, although many times overlooked, was an important American ceramist. He was known as a "loner" and because of this he was never really appreciated for his talent. Fairbanks was greatly influence by his professors. Professor Paul Bonifas, who taught at the University of Washington, was one who left a huge impact on Fairbanks work. Fairbanks created a system of sketching pottery profiles, which stemmed from Bonifas teachings, as a mean of "thinking on paper." This approach to pottery through sketching was a crucial element that separated Fairbanks from many other Asian-inspired American peers. Although, Fairbanks was a wheel thrown expert, he continued to "think on paper" throughout his creative life. Much of what absorbs Fairbanks interests can be seen in his making of candlesticks, casseroles, and vases. During the later part of his life he created three of his final pieces. One being the Stoneware Heart Plate, 1985, secondly the Stoneware server, 1985, and thirdly the Stoneware Vase, 1985. These were three of Fairbanks last works, which suggest the direction in which he was headed, in terms of what defined his style, before he became deathly ill. The plate, which is an exploration of decoration, is liquid clay or "slip pattern" of concentric circles around a valentine heart. This plate was wheel thrown, and glazed with iron oxide and copper red washes. I find it very interesting because it seems to portray more emotion than most of his other pieces. This can probably be indirectly associated with Fairbanks illness and how he was feeling at the time. The next piece he made during his period of illness was called the "Stoneware Server." The server can be explained by "unadorned simplicity." It also takes on some style of the art deco period. Fairbanks decided that for the server, he would decorate a new style of handles. The thrown thread-spool shape. Many people explained this serv...

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Argument essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Argument - Essay Example Disciplines that focus on arts, music, drama, and fields that venture into creativity have apparently been left behind. It is in this regard that the current argument aims to assert that schools and the contemporary educational system all over the world actually kill rather than cultivate creativity. In the video entitled â€Å"How Schools Kill Creativity† presented online through TED Talks, a creativity expert, Sir Ken Robinson, contends that â€Å"creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status† (TED Conferences, LLC 1). In a highly interesting manner of delivery, Robinson initially affirms that the predominant themes in the conference focus on three components: (a) the extraordinary evidence of human creativity; (b) the evidence of creativity placed people in an ambivalent situation or where there is no idea of what will come out in the future; and (c) there are extraordinary capacities for innovation that children actually manifest. Robinson asserts that through the current educational system that pervades globally, children are actually being made to restrict creative and innovative talents by emphasizing that it is not acceptable to be wrong. He cites Picasso as affirming that all children are born artists (1). To cultivate creativity, it is considered important to acknowledge to children not to be frightened of being wrong, for it is through committing mistakes that innovation and concepts of originality allegedly emerge. Likewise, Robinson also explained how the educational system follows a hierarchy of subjects, where top subjects have been expressly noted to be mathematics and languages followed by humanities. The bottom subjects are disclosed to always be the arts. This hierarchy inevitably develops only the brain and leaves out other parts of the body from the waist down. As contended, the reason for the educational system’s emphasis for the development of academic abilities i s to apparently â€Å"meet the needs of industrialism† (1). No transformations or adjustments have been made to refocus on rethinking the view of intelligence since. Robinson aptly enumerates three things about intelligence, to wit: (a) that it is diverse; (b) intelligence is dynamic; and finally, (c) intelligence is distinct. He concludes his talk with the affirmation that we should seek to educate our children holistically: both academic and creative skills, which is the only way to help them effectively see and make the most of the future. One is immensely touched and enlightened by Robinson’s presentation. First, his manner of delivery is highly interesting as he effectively incorporates humor in the delivery, thus significantly enhancing audience appeal. Despite the frequent integration of humorous remarks, the main points are still successfully stressed and imbibed in the audience’s minds. Likewise, the arguments are presented in such a logical and credibl e manner that confirms his expertise in the subject. One can therefore surmise that his previous experience as a university professor adds credibility and reliability to the topic being discussed, and to his ability to present the information in a logical yet interesting manner. Thus, his knowledge of rhetorical appeals greatly contributes to providing the needed audience